Corylus Business Systems

Pragmatic and innovative systems management and development

Reseller Services

Corylus Business Systems offers 3 main services:

·         Technical Resources – if you have run out of senior technical consultants then contact Corylus.  I provide short-notice short-term technical consultancy.  Your client will see just another consultant from your company and you will have solved your problem.

·         Skills you don’t have– if you are getting into VMware virtualisation, Exchange migrations, Database design or development or other complex technical areas, then use Corylus to build up the skill set you have on hand – without having to recruit someone new, or spend a fortune on training.  Skills transfer can be accommodated and your effectiveness for your customers is improved.

·        Problems Microsoft cannot solve on two occasions Corylus have taken on problems that neither the reseller's own engineers nor (even!) Microsoft engineers could solve.  In both cases the problem was completely solved to everyone’s satisfaction.  Innovative lateral thinking provided the key.  With a history of testing Microsoft products for over 20 years I can bring an in-depth understanding of the Microsoft “DNA” to problem resolution.

But most of all A business focused technical delivery .  Work done will be applied within the business context and the client will get what they need, which is not necessarily what they asked for.