Corylus Business Systems

Pragmatic and innovative systems management and development

Client work

Corylus Business Systems offers 4 principle services to companies that are large enough to have servers, but too small to have an IT Manager:

Freelance IT Manager

·         IT Staff Mentoring - if you are a small or medium business then you may have an IT enthusiast or someone managing the IT on a part time basis.  Engage Corylus and that person can be mentored and educated in the proper ways to manage your IT so that it works all the time, and is properly protected.  From Anti-Virus issues to Backups to server management to the desktops.  All can be better managed so that your users can just use your IT.

·         Outsourced IT Management - if you are a small business and cannot employ the appropriately skilled IT resource then use Corylus as needs dictate.  Get good business related IT advice, along with the technical skills to make your business IT more reliable, resilient and effective.

·         Project Management - from IT projects to relocation projects and beyond.  If you have a need for an effective pragmatic project manager, then use Corylus.

Spreadsheets into Databases

·         Database development - if you need to turn a bunch of Excel spreadsheets into a good database; or a bad database into a good one; then Corylus can do this for you.  You'll have the source code on completion (for your own business use only) and can move the database on as you wish.