May 2022 Access User Group

At this talk and chat conference I spoke on “Making SQL Backup For You On Demand“.

“When moving away from proprietary backup software (waves to Backup Exec) and installing systems with SQL Server Express, there is a notable lack of managed backup tools that enable sites to manage RPO and RTO. A bit rough around the edges this solution gives you a lot of that control back; and makes it visible from the application to the users. Backups can be scheduled and/or on-demand.”

Please note that in order to fully use the demo database you will need a SQL Server installation (I recommend you download and install SQL Server Express – it’s free!!), you then create the test database, table and view using the scripts supplied in the ZIP below.  Then you create the Stored Procedures with the final 2 scripts.

If you have issues implementing the demo – get in touch and we can sort it out.