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#Windows10 Modern apps start and then shutdown without any feedback.

Today I wanted to remote into a couple of machines to complete some work at the office without leaving the comfort of the house (essentially I’m lazy, like all good system admins!).


But on firing up the surface pro the modern Remote Desktop app came up with the red splash screen and then disappeared.  And again. And again.  I tried a reboot and windows update to no avail.  And a reboot didn’t fix it either.
It was also apparent that Tweetium and NextGen Reader had the same issue.  But “old fashioned” apps like Outlook were fine.  I checked out the store for updates, and that wasn’t playing ball either.  Just an error with a hex code.
But then I spotted the Action Centre on the taskbar was filled in with white (unlike this image which is empty)
It was probably an idea to check that out, and indeed there was a Network Firewall message which when when tapped took me to control panel, firewall.  Where there was a message about an error, and that I needed to re-validate my Microsoft Account for the machine
And, sure enough there was a verify link under my photo.  A quick click and the verification happened under the covers (although at one point it seemed as if I might need my credentials).
So, all was good there, and testing the modern apps played ball.  To add to things, the store updates began to run too.
Without any further work I guess the verification enabled these apps to talk to the store again to check licencing or similar and that’s why the started and then shutdown.
For completeness it should be noted that this machine is a domain joined Surface, but connected to a Microsoft Account for OneDrive, Apps, and synchronised configuration.  Your mileage might vary.