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@VirginMedia Hurrah – case closed – seems I finally got through to someone who got it!!

Fwd: Virgin Media account

Hello Mr. Bryant,

I\’ve been asked to investigate your account and the charges that have been generated since moving to your new provider. While we received notice that the MAC had been used and given to your new provider, unfortunately we never received the notice that the work had been completed for us to close the account.

As payment was made for services up to the , I have removed all outstanding charges from the account and ensured that the account is closed to prevent further charges being made in error. Your account is now closed and completely settled.

Please accept my sincere apologies on behalf of Virgin Media for any inconvenience caused in this matter.

Kind regards,

Virgin Media National
Customer Complaints Team

Customer Service Fail Uncategorized VirginMedia

@virginmedia – and the saga continues… I\’d reply to the email, but you black hole it…

“We\’re really sorry to hear that you\’re cancelling your Virgin Media service. To get the ball rolling, we\’ll be sending in a cancellation request for you and your service will be removed.  We\’ll get in touch with you again to confirm your disconnection date but, just so you know, our target disconnection date is currently:
Just so you know, if you\’re cancelling your phone service with us, you\’ll need to find another supplier, or you might be left without a working phone line!
If you have any questions in the meantime, you can contact us using our webform at To talk it through with one of our team, just dial 150 from your Virgin Phone or 0845 454 2222 from any other phone line.
**Important Information**
If you\’re moving house and you\’ve asked us to transfer your Virgin Media service to your new address, we\’ll be processing your order as soon as possible.  If you\’ve already given us your new address and telephone number, we\’ll start processing your order soon after the services at your old address have been cancelled. We know you,ll be busy with the move, but if you haven\’t given us your new details yet, do get in touch as soon as you can, so we can get on the case for you.
Kind regards,
Mark Davidson
Executive Director
Customer Care
Virgin Media”
Customer Care?????  Incredible how you can put in a disconnection request for a no longer operating service.

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@virginmedia – their uselessness and systematic incompetence knows no bounds. #fail

The account was cancelled some time ago, along with the DD.
A final net invoice was requested, and agreed, but as yet not provided.
You continue to act as if the account were active and add further charges.
You now write threateningly, particularly with respect to damage to my credit rating.
Just you bloody try!!!  Now sort this, this week, or else I will start billing you for my wasted time, and that will more than cancel out the charges you are requesting.

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More @virginmedia incompetence, they just don\’t get it #fail

Today I received a letter from Virgin Media requesting that I contact them about my account as there was no longer a valid DD in place through which they could collect funds.

There is no surprise to me in this as I left Virgin (once having been an NTLWorld customer, and now finally tired of their poor customer service) and as a precaution cancelled the DD at the bank.

I spoke to Megan and explained. She said I had to pay, I explained I was unwilling to pay when it included advance payment for a service I no longer used. That would be OK, she explained, as Virgin would take the money and then refund me with a cheque. Yeah, right I thought. I explained that on several occasions I had requested a final invoice from them and once I received that I would pay up. Apparently the final invoice *could* be emailed me to me, so she did. However when I asked if it covered the termination period and therefore did not overcharge me, it got less clear. It seems that having now requested a nett invoice, Virgin would be unable to email me the correct information, I would have to wait whilst she spoke to the cancellation team. Will this take long? I asked, just a couple of minutes I was told. Ok, said I, I'll hang on whilst you do that, but for 2 minutes.

Four minutes later I hung up.

Virgin, you have to do better. I have left you. I want a final invoice that covers the few days the service was in place before I moved to a better ISP (a capability already demonstrated), and the phone charges from the previous month. I am not willing to overpay you and wait for a refund cheque; you can work it out, you have the information; and I hazard a guess you have a few computers on which you can do the sums. Do them and let me know.

These are *my* terms of business.