Why is a phone upgrade is never quite straightforward?

You return from holiday, and find you can upgrade your phone for free – Hurrah! Better still the Orange SPV M600 has Wifi, 128MB RAM, and windows mobile 5 (over the M500) which means i won\’t need to carry around the wifi card, and can keep even more email on the phone.

However… …when you changed your network so that your email server could be hosted by a mate a few miles away, you mucked about with DNS, DHCP, and ISA Server so that OWA would continue to work. Do you remember EVERYTHING you did – thought not.

So the phone does not work. BUt maybe it\’s the phone, or maybe it\’s the web site, or maybe it\’s OWA or maybe it\’s the proxy… …so about a day later: get out the old phone and plug in the SIM and that doesn\’t work. So fix it. Then maybe the new phone will work – it does! Eventually

Moral – When you are on a ship, you keep your feet on the deck, one hand on the boat and one for yourself. Likewise with computers – don\’t change more than one thing at a time – you can never be truly sure you know what\’s broken!