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A return to reality #TEE09 #marillion

En route back to Blighty from Berlin and one of the better Tech*Ed of the last 16 years.

But it\’s tinged with immense sadness, for I return to a world without Jayne. Her funeral was last week and I already said how I feel about that.

On the plane I\’m listening to tracks that were played at her funeral, and those to which I have a great emotional attachment:
The Great Escape
Made Again

And now a dose of King Crimson
These might get back into a less docile frame of mind.

Neverland is the live recording from the fanclub warm-up of 30th April 2004. The date\’s important because it carries with it my strongest memory of Jayne. Early that year I\’d started an all or nothing diet that enabled me to lose about 4 stone or more. Jayne and Mark were at the gig (Aylesbury Civic Centre), but we\’d not yet seen them. All of a sudden there came a loud shriek from across the bar area and blue jumpered and long black haired blur ran up to me shouting \”OH MY GOD – WHAT\’S HAPPENED TO YOU!!!!!\”, immediately followed by an enormous hug (both arms reaching round and meeting ). It was Jayne. It was the greatest possible affirmation of what I\’d achieved, and really welcome.

Sadly, thanks to adverse reaction to statins, that achievement of mine is temporarily lost, but that happy memory of Jayne lives on.

So, to home, and a Yes gig tonight in Birmingham, boy am I going to be knackered in the morning 🙂

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If Marillion made beer

It\’d taste a lot better than Carlsberg.

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#TEE09 Tech*Ed and feeling guilty

Over the years I\’ve had several reasons to feel guilty whilst attending Tech*Ed. For many years the conference co-incided with both my wife\’s birthday and our wedding anniversary – I missed 7 or 8 of those. Although on others she came to Amsterdam or Barcelona to celebrate there.

Many years ago I declined a request to be someone\’s godfather because the christening was whilst I was at Tech*Ed. But to be fair it was also because I thought they were desperately seeking a Catholic (much lapsed as I am), and I have 1 special godson, and I wanted to keep it 1:1 special.

But this year scales new depths of guilt for me. Just over a week ago a special woman, a friend and fellow Marillion fan (along with her husband Mark); Jayne died. Today, Monday is her funeral, and I won\’t be there. I\’ve spoken to Mark quite a bit since, he knows why, understands and thinks I should be here too.

But I feel such a shit for not being there. Mark knows I am there in spirit, but…

Jayne\’s favourite Marillion song Beautiful is being played at her service. I\’ll be listening to that a few times today. If you are reading this do me a favour – hop over to Spotify or iTunes or or whatever, find Beautiful (from Afraid of Sunlight) and hit play. And say a prayer for Jayne and her husband Mark. He\’ll be having a really shit day today – and I can\’t help feeling guilty for making it just a smidge worse…