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Windows Phone 7 time

Having had the iPad for some months, I had been pondering the next upgrade to my phone. Since 2000 when the Compaq iPaq was launched (at Microsoft Tech*Ed Amsterdam with a heavy discount)* I have been a fan of the windows mobile platform. The early days of WinMo phones was quite painful (M500, then M600, M3100). But latterly the TyTn II, and finally the Touch Pro2 have overcome that. But I have always valued the proper Exchange integration and management.

The platform had finally got to be good (although some still disagree) and the Touch Pro2 was a phone I felt I could evangelise, and did not feel a need to upgrade from. The interface (having used something similar for years) was easy to use – although it took me a while to stick with the 6.5 upgrade (the failure of apps – especially Twitter ones – to maintain current state properly annoyed me loads). Twice I rolled back to 6.1!

But with the advent of my first Apple device my Twitter life moved there, and the phone suddenly got a better battery life!

In considering a new phone I have been strongly tempted down the iPhone front to get that app experience in the phone – but I also believe that WP7 is going to move along well, and I\’m reluctant to miss out (especially now it is really slick). It\’s just a pity the first generations don\’t support the Enterprise properly (encryption and management mainly).

In the end I resolved to upgrade to the HTC 7 Mozart. Orange have confirmed that they will support the Mango upgrade to it (I have that in writing as a condition of sale!!) – so now I have the iOS experience in the iPad, and WP7 in the hand.

If I want a smaller iOS device I can always get the iPod Touch when they launch next, as I have quite a few NetGear\’s Apple vouchers to spend in store.

*I do wonder Microsoft didn\’t repeat this at Tech*Ed last year. 7,000 delegates ready to be marketed to for a highly discounted Windows Mobile 7 handset – how much (near) free evangelising and support would they have got? Or was it a recognition that the device is not enterprise ready?