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Overnight parking for the BBMF Lancaster – a great day at #Duxford shared with @keithshering

I\’ll sort the DSLR photos later 😉
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Destination today.

But sadly at least one of these planes will be missing…
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And of course, 16 Spitfires in the air…

The centre of the day was the 4×4 formation of the Spitfires. All remaining airworthy 2 seated Spits were here, and in groups of 4 they took off from the field and took to the air with the glorious sound of the Rolls Royce Merlin (in most cases).

Swooping around the skies the session went by far too quickly and the minute\’s silence for the dead of the battle (and the war) went widely respected.

It was an excellent tribute, and a great re-creation of some of my childhood memories.

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BBMF at Duxford

Of course the day would not be complete without a flypast from the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight…

And the old enemy too…

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Red Arrows at Duxford BoB day September 2010

It\’s a long time ago, but last year Mrs B and I went to Duxford so that I
could relive part of my childhood. As a kid I grew up near what had been RAF North Weald and every year there was (as I recall) a massive Spitfire display. Last year to commemorate the 70th anniversary Duxford was to have 16 flying Spitfires – so I had to go.

During the day the RAF Red Arrows flew their usual masterful display, and these are some of the shots I got…

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And finally, some of the other craft in the air that day

During the day, we were treated to many displays. It was a good warm up act!

the noisiest being the modern French fighters

and the Memphis Belle.