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November 2016 Conference

At the November conference I spoke on 2 web communication technologies. You will already have the slides from the UKAUG and will have come here to get the sample code and notes!

As stated at the conference the IP in this code is mine, it was developed for a particular project (although re-used by me since).  So there is no charge for it - but if you would like to make a donation to Help For Heroes (click on the image at the bottom), then any donation will be most gratefully received.

Use this code at your peril :-)!  However if you have issues or a question, do email me and I will help if I can.  The support notes will be updated to reflect any changes or issues found by me or any of our colleagues.


This is the more complicated code and (a first for me!) includes recursive calls to routines. The following files are a word document that should be read alongside the slides, and a demo app. The demo uses a public JSON API endpoint created by Troy Hunt of Have I Been Pwned fame. Enter a SMTP alias (use mine if you've not been pwned yet, and it will return a sequence of data breaches that included your email.  The notes are in production and will be available in a few days.

Download the JSON Demo

Download the JSON Notes

Download the JSON Presentation


This one is simpler, no recursion, just an iteration through the data returned by a public XML from the UK Highways agency detailing all known works on the major highways in the UK. Again a word document to read alongside the slides and a demo database.

Download the XML demo

Download the XML Notes

Download the XML Presentation

H4H donation request

What does Corylus mean? 

The business property name is "The Hazels" and the botanists amongst you will recognise that Corylus is the Latin name for the Hazel tree.  The logo above is a hazel catkin.