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April 2018 UK Access User Group

At this conference I spoke on "DSN-Less Communication to SQL Server".

The files are available to download below.

Please note that in order to fully use the demo database you will need a SQL Server installation (I recommend you download and install SQL Server 2016 Express - it's free!!), you then create the test databases using the scripts supplied in the ZIP below.  Finally you need to modify the entries in lclNetworks table in the access database to suit your network (details in the implementation notes).

If you have issues implementing the demo - get in touch and we can sort it out.

Implementation Notes (pdf)

Presentation (pdf)

SQL Server Scripts to create database

Demo Access Database

What does Corylus mean? 

The business property name is "The Hazels" and the botanists amongst you will recognise that Corylus is the Latin name for the Hazel tree.  The logo above is a hazel catkin.