A free Power Apps app for the NHS (or anyone else fighting the C-19 war)

TL;DR – if you are 
a) combatting the C-19 pandemic
b) an Office 365 business or enterprise licence customer
c) want to know staff status, where they are working, and what they are doing;
then, I\’ve this app that I\’m able to deploy to your tenant pro-bono.

If you are not directly fighting C-19, but this app would do wonders for you, then I am willing to deploy it to you for a charitable donation to Help For Heroes.


Installation can be done all remotely.

For data it uses standalone SharePoint lists, so there are no complex data setups.  It can be running in an hour or two.

I\’ve worked with an NHS trust recently to create a Power Apps app for them.  They needed all staff to be able to self report in their status for 7 days (be that WFH, Ill, Self-Isolating, Covering a colleague or something else).  In under 24 hours we had a second version from which the screen shots below are taken.

As a bonus, the data that this app uses can be managed centrally from a Microsoft Access database which I shall also supply.

The below are just how the app finished at V2, there is no reason it cannot be easily and quickly modifed for your circumstances (for instance, you may only want a single status, rather than 1 per day).

Screen 1 – on opening the app you get:

  • a list of all your colleagues in your department and their status
  • the means to look at any other department
  • the means to look at all people in a particular status
  • the means to search for an individual
  • the means to edit your own status

Screen 2 – on opening the app you get to change your status across the current 7 days, by use of simple dropdowns on each day.  The list of entries is controlled by the company deploying.

Screen 3 – this is an optional extra – a quick display of your calendar so that you can quickly check without leaving the app

By P J Bryant

Ramblings of a freelance IT Consultant working for some nice SME's, large organisations, resellers and the usual friends and family! Bit of

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