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#BBBR14 and finally, the statistics:

Monday – Brussels to Mons
Distance: 55.13 miles
Elevation: 1,940 feet
Calories burned: 3,712
Tuesday – Mons to Arras
Distance: 74.07 miles
Elevation: 1,317 feet
Calories burned: 4,323
Wednesday – Arras to Amiens
Distance: 49.50 miles
Elevation: 1,443 feet
Calories burned: 2,892
Thursday Amiens to Compiegne
Distance: 62.83 miles
Elevation: 2,147 feet
Calories burned: 3,920
Friday – Compiegne to Paris
Distance: 55.41miles
Elevation: 1,517 feet
Calories burned: 3,633
Sunday – Ride into Blackheath
Distance: 11.19 miles
Elevation: 303 feet
Calories burned: 716
Sunday – Hero Ride to Horseguards
Distance: 9.58 miles
Elevation: 116  feet
Calories burned: 612
Grand Totals
Distance: 317.71 miles
Elevation: 8,783 feet
Calories burned: 19,808

By P J Bryant

Ramblings of a freelance IT Consultant working for some nice SME's, large organisations, resellers and the usual friends and family! Bit of

3 replies on “#BBBR14 and finally, the statistics:”

That was a more brutal ride in '13. I remember it all too well. This year was definitely a counter to that experience. problems fixed, mileages accurate, time to be social. I expect 2015 to be similar, so sign up (it's open already)


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