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Oh, that didn\’t go so well. Bailed out at half time, training for Help For Heroes Bike Ride

Early night, early alarm, and I was ready to go for my longest training run so far. The plan was a trip to a not so local farmers\’ market, lunch with Mrs B, and then cycle back. All in all, about 80 miles. That would be a good boost before the hill training weekend next week in Salisbury (Fenland not being known for its undulations)

But it didn\’t end so well 🙂

Firstly, forgetting to take my pain killers before going out was a serious error. I have a spondylolithesis (5th Lumbar – caused by an electrocution at school) which has given me trouble since 1977, so it was imprudent of me to forget the tablets. I felt their lack after about 10 miles, but by then it was too far to turn around.
Memo to self – put some spares in the bag.

Next up – it was #}#]^*+[ cold out there. Only a few degrees above freezing. And boy did I feel it.

Then, the headwind. The farmers\’ market is about due NE from here. The, ahem, cooling wind was from the NE, so it was a headwind all the way. Since I got the new bike headwinds are less of a problem, but over several hours this was not going to help. I would hazard that with windchill it was sub zero out there.

Rain; although it wasn\’t plummeting, a few heavy showers of near freezing rain, added to the delights of the ride.

Hills!!! At last some hills (of a very modest nature) but at least the route wasn\’t flat, and I got some \”up and down\” experience.

But, by the time I reached the market, sometime after my ETA, I felt chilled to the core, wet, tired and bedraggled.
There was nowhere to warm up, and after some shopping and a bite I just didn\’t feel ready to cycle all the way home. So we put the bike in the car and drive home.

Given that this is the first time in over three months of preparation I\’ve DNF\’d I shouldn\’t feel too bad, but I\’d prefer to feel less miffed. Most disappointing is the fact I shall not get to hit a new daily record, especially given next Saturday\’s long day training in Salisbury will now be a new daily mileage peak.

But, i suppose
it\’s my longest single run without a break.
I climbed more undulations than before.
Oh, and I\’m finally warming up.

File under dissatisfied.

By P J Bryant

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