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Honestly #Apple are you seriously not letting me control content on an iPad

I\’ve had an iPad for a while, and it\’s my first piece of apple kit. It does what I want it to do really well, but I\’m struggling to achieve a couple of things now it\’s been in use for a while.

1. The iTunes PC that it connected to is no more. So now iTunes insists that the iPad is managed by another computer and my only option is to wipe and start again. No thanks.
Yes I can push most of my data into the cloud with the majority of my apps, but there are some that are on the iPad only, and they don\’t expose their documents to the download feature in iTunes. So unless I email content to myself from the iPad, I may lose data.

What is worse, I\’ve no way of identifying what I shall lose until it is lost. I now need to laboriously go through apps to check content.
But I suppose at least the app store now identifies what apps I\’ve not installed.

2. Volume of content. Photos and music I have a-plenty, too much in fact. So I wanted to remove some. Seems I\’m not alone in wanting to do this, and not having the means.
It seems insanity itself, that if away from the PC/Mac that \”owns\” the iPad then I cannot remove photos I no longer want, remove albums that are only copies of CD\’s I own so that I can create free space for new content. Instead my device can just run out of space and the only route is to delete apps, which by comparison is a piece of cake.
Nanny state gone mad.

Add those two together and you get a seriously frustrated user whose previous jibes at the fanbois are going to take on a much more serious edge now.

It\’s ridiculous that the owner cannot exercise sufficient control of their device.

By P J Bryant

Ramblings of a freelance IT Consultant working for some nice SME's, large organisations, resellers and the usual friends and family! Bit of

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