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Red Arrows at Duxford BoB day September 2010

It\’s a long time ago, but last year Mrs B and I went to Duxford so that I
could relive part of my childhood. As a kid I grew up near what had been RAF North Weald and every year there was (as I recall) a massive Spitfire display. Last year to commemorate the 70th anniversary Duxford was to have 16 flying Spitfires – so I had to go.

During the day the RAF Red Arrows flew their usual masterful display, and these are some of the shots I got…

By P J Bryant

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One reply on “Red Arrows at Duxford BoB day September 2010”

That reminds me, a couple of weeks ago, I was driving to IKEA in Bletchley and saw one of the Battle of Britain 'planes looping around very low…Haven't seen the Red Arrows for years – always a fine spectacle!


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