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An afternoon of fixes, and I\’m in a good mood for the #6Nations tomorrow!

This afternoon, after some interesting supplier negotiations on behalf of a client I had some “free time”. So I looked at the “problems I really ought to look at” list.

Item 1
Patching my first and oldest server. This machine is an elderly, but perfectly serviceable dual processor box running Windows 2003. Having successfully sorted out the horrendous .NET Framework updates last year it was still objecting to a few minor Windows patches applying properly. For once, the simple step of applying a few at a time fixed it all. I’m not going to try to work out why, just take satisfaction that the box is doing what it should for once!

Item 2
I needed to replace a laptop just before a trip to the US last year, and had some fun and games whilst out there. Ever since the laptop would not let me logon with my own id. It always happened when time was at a premium so I could not be bothered. So looked around a bit more and found by accident (whilst rebooted the old server that still hosted a roaming profile), that the machine would boot when the roaming profile was missing. This led to Error message when you log on to a Windows Vista-based or Windows 7-based computer by using a temporary profile: \”The User Profile Service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded\”  which identified bad profile data in the registry. Now this made some sense, I think I may have wiped the local copy of the profile in the US, and not done anything more about it later. A swift deletion of the keys, a reboot, and voila! I’m in.

Now for dinner, some R&R and the Six Nations tomorrow. Come on England!

PS. For the record, the original google search term was: windows 7 64bit logon pauses cannot create profile

By P J Bryant

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