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More @virginmedia incompetence, they just don\’t get it #fail

Today I received a letter from Virgin Media requesting that I contact them about my account as there was no longer a valid DD in place through which they could collect funds.

There is no surprise to me in this as I left Virgin (once having been an NTLWorld customer, and now finally tired of their poor customer service) and as a precaution cancelled the DD at the bank.

I spoke to Megan and explained. She said I had to pay, I explained I was unwilling to pay when it included advance payment for a service I no longer used. That would be OK, she explained, as Virgin would take the money and then refund me with a cheque. Yeah, right I thought. I explained that on several occasions I had requested a final invoice from them and once I received that I would pay up. Apparently the final invoice *could* be emailed me to me, so she did. However when I asked if it covered the termination period and therefore did not overcharge me, it got less clear. It seems that having now requested a nett invoice, Virgin would be unable to email me the correct information, I would have to wait whilst she spoke to the cancellation team. Will this take long? I asked, just a couple of minutes I was told. Ok, said I, I'll hang on whilst you do that, but for 2 minutes.

Four minutes later I hung up.

Virgin, you have to do better. I have left you. I want a final invoice that covers the few days the service was in place before I moved to a better ISP (a capability already demonstrated), and the phone charges from the previous month. I am not willing to overpay you and wait for a refund cheque; you can work it out, you have the information; and I hazard a guess you have a few computers on which you can do the sums. Do them and let me know.

These are *my* terms of business.

By P J Bryant

Ramblings of a freelance IT Consultant working for some nice SME's, large organisations, resellers and the usual friends and family! Bit of

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