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Configuring Scan to Email and Scan to SMB on a #Lexmark C782

Late last year I was working on an installation in the US where a Lexmark C782 was delivered.  What we found very quickly was that the manual, the online manual, and all downloadable manuals told you where to go to configure the printer on your network.  What, sadly, they did not tell you was how to choose what values to to use.  This blog is intended to rectify that omission and save others the several hours of support calls and experimentation to get a working printer.  Ironically, this installation was in Lexington, the home of Lexmark!

Step 1 – Create a standard user on your Active Directory.  Name it appropriately.
Make sure it does not expire, cannot have the password changed, and set a suitably complex password.

Step 2 – Scan to SMB 
Note this assumes that you ahve created a network share on a server to receive the scans, and set the appropriate permissions for it)
Navigate to the web portal on the printer.
Go to the Link s & Index feature

Click on embedded solutions

Click on scan to network (note is not licenced, this is the free to use, simplified version) and get

Click on Configure

Add a destination (this screen grab is after the event, but you get the idea.

The user id is the netbios name of the user id (no domain name is required)

Step 3 – Scan to Email
On your exchange server create a new SMTP receiver explicitly for the Scan to Email facility

Now back in the printer\’ web portal, go to the LDAP configuration option
The server below is the full UNC for a domain controller on teh network

 Note that the full DN is of the form CN=,OU=…OU=…, DC=….

Then configure the SMTP Server:
Primary gateway is the full UNC to the server so . eg exchange.lexmark.local

if you follow this all, then Robert\’s your mother\’s brother.
Please note some images have been modified to remove client specific information

By P J Bryant

Ramblings of a freelance IT Consultant working for some nice SME's, large organisations, resellers and the usual friends and family! Bit of

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