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#iPad and #iTunes – why i am giving up on films. #fail

I am now giving up viewing films on my iPad. I have a blog in preparation on the experience of a windows person with their first Apple device, but in the meantime, having tried to download 6 films to watch on flights, and had 4 fail with iTunes having to sort out refunds, i am giving up.

Either the iTunes infrastructure is no good for films, or the support desk is not good enough at *really* sorting it out.

In frustration, Peter

By P J Bryant

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4 replies on “#iPad and #iTunes – why i am giving up on films. #fail”

I've managed to download quite a lot of stuff to watch on flights and working away and have never had any problems. That said,(and I don't think it would make a difference apart form size) it's mostly been series's of Dr Who and not films, but that's still 4-6 episodes at around 300mb each.Incidentaly, I've been lucky enough to get my hads on a Samsung Galaxy tab to test. it may cost the same but it's not a patch on the iPad, and I find Android a little lumpy to say the least.


Android? I've been test a Samsung Galaxy Tab and on Saturday it locked up. I could get it to do anything, I couldn't even do a hard reset, 24 hours later i give i another go and it works first time! It's a strange lock up. It was so unresponsive that I though that it was dead.WM7 would be great if you could get the apps on to a phone. I though that the iPhone dev set up was complicated, but it;s nohting compared to the MS version! i applied last thursday and I'm still waiting for them to verify my identity thoufg a third party called GeoTrust.Apart from that little hurdle it's looking ok 🙂


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