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#Outlook 2010 First impressions

OK, because of all the other projects in hand I ducked Office 2010 in beta, but last night left the in-place upgrade running.
So, impressions?
The first start of Outlook identified an addin that was not playing ball – fair enough, try once, it fails, stop it the next time, that’s fine.
But, an upgrade immediately after first start “Your mailbox is being optimised. Performance may be affected while this one time optimization is in progress”. Fair enough – but how about a progress indicator Microsoft?
Not happy 1
Whilst it has attempted to match my pane view, I find all my Public Folder Favourites that were shown in my favourite folders are missing.  FAIL.
Not Happy 2
Why has the sorting order on my folders changed?  I have an “Unread by Date” favourite.  So why is it now in “From” order.  There’s no need to do that, and no justification for doing that. The clue is in the name of the folder…
Not Happy 2
And what’s all this “updating server” nonsense once I am running and causing Outlook to hang?
And REALLY Not Happy 3
In previous versions there was a drop down combo box from which you could select unread or all messages (along with other options).  Whilst there is a filter button on the ribbon – this creates an unread search, throws you to the search tab on the ribbon, and is generally ‘orrible.  All I want to do is obscure read emails from the current view – it’s NOT A SEARCH!!!

By P J Bryant

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