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#Blair #Peach, decades later

Reading the \”about to be released\” stories on the Blair Peach file.

I have a particular interest in this as a late 70\’s readthrough of my late Uncle\’s University of Wellington (NZ) Student Papers showed that he and Blair were contemporaries at Wellington, and were on student union bodies together.

Well, the point is, at the time of the inquest and public evidence i clearly remember evidence of an unnatural thinning of Peach\’s skull at the point of impact that led to his death, and as such although the blow that was struck may have killed him, it may not have had any fatal intentions. I\’ve no judgement on that information as not much evidence seems to be out there (unless you know otherwise), but…

Nothing about this appears in the papers. Wonder why…

Updated same day: to remove unintended (and possibly offensive to the family) pun

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