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#UKTechdays – day 5

[blog]: Simon Singh delighted as BCA drop case
can winmo7 today tell us what's in wp7 for the business/pro world; all i see is consumer…
#uktechdays #wp7 \”variation in winmo phones diluted product\”. not been a problem in server/destop world. #greeneyes #iPhone
@eileenb you keep popping up on demo win7phone here at #uktechdays , those AdWord payments paid off 🙂
#uktechdays could be me, but has Charlie demonstrated that this winmo7 phone can make phone calls?
#uktechdays if I'm quick and write a #wp7 app to make calls, reckon i can make any money?
#uktechdays @ckindel plays Pink Floyd briefly but quietly :-(, this place does have a PRS licence doesn't it…?
#uktechdays we were supposed to have windows for toasters, but @ckindel just demonstrated toasters for windows (phone)
@uktechdays @ckindel i thought you'd dropped the \”Series\” from the product name. is it back? 'cos it's on the slides
#uktechdays wot? No VB.Phone?
RT @happygeek: #leadersdebate Best new sitcom to appear on ITV for years! <- like all the best, few episodes
#uktechdays @ckindel How do internal devs get inhouse apps onto #wp7
#uktechdays so, if I build an app for internal use that's commercially sensitive, i have to let rivals see and download it? #fail #wp7
RT @markwilsonit: Still seems clear though that Windows Phone 7 is very much a v1.0 prod<–but isn't late in day for 1.0 prod? #uktechdays
@mbullock @markwilsonit but i want *one* phone to ring them all and in the darkness bind them #uktechdays #wp7
@ActionLamb ah, Steve, replays conv in head. rabbitted sorry – getting used to sitn
@markwilsonit guess we'll understand more on Ent phone when we see what Exch2010 gets to manage nextgen
If you find @MTuckerNo10 or @DianaInHeaven then don't promote by complaining to them (they RT) or to your followers. Fools!
RT @richardfrisch: clients dont appreciate how much effort to save their files they haven't backed up <;-u need to chg them more cc: @edbott
My last tweet was somewhat compromised by the absence of the words \”rude or offensive\”. been a long week. i said it in my head 🙂
RT @mbullock: @markwilsonit you saying a new OCS global telephony company on its way 🙂

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