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#UKTechdays – day 3

Well that was fun. 22:52, phone responds to re-ordering tabs by partially wiping. full reset, relink to Exch/MyPhone & all back except…
…the photos i took and embedded directly in OneNote Mobile. seems they are just links to DCIM folder on encrypted SD card, which for…
…capacity reasons on MyPhone are not uploaded. as the card is encrypted… …photos there but not readable. Bugger
Are devs more twitter aware than it pro's? Looks like it from #uktechdays
RT @johnkoetsier: I am starting to wonder if DMs are a complete waste of time. <;-why?
@timanderson yr VS2010 try the uktechdays hashtag – will hit quite a few devs in Fulham VUE πŸ™‚
At itpro #uktechdays, is the colour scheme for the slides a subliminal Vote Conservative message?
RT @KurtAPeterson: polishing off keynote slides for #uktechdays. trying to cut out marketing fluff – easier said than done<;–kill the fluff
Use MS Expression Web 3 Superview (free!) to compare and contrast ie6 ie8 rendering of websites #uktechdays
@Dr_Black got all iPad orders to bring back? 1 each for Bombe team, 1 each for @tnmoc, 1 for each #bpark guide. @bletchleypark 's got budget
RT @markwilsonit: Is it just me who finds it ironic that @appcompatguy isn't sure why his PowerPoint is slow πŸ˜‰ #uktechdays <;-no!!
Why did Richard Smith not deploy the \”please WAIK up\” gag for session 3? #uktechdays @uktechdays
@Dr_Black you've got to buy your own I'm afraid, budget ran out
RT @henrymacrory: LEST WE FORGET (8) Gun crime has gone up 89% in a decade #lwf <;-handgun ban worked then 😦
I be liking the \”name and approve\” option for WDS #uktechdays
@hairyhatfield i like being anonymous, like the painting, and can be baccurate descfiption at 2am problem time πŸ™‚
RT @jonhoneyball: &, dear oracle store, putting T&C's in a flash object is just plain unhelpful <;-& ??? legal if you cannot print & keep
RT @glynmoody: HTC is stewing on brewing an OS – great: exactly the wrong thing to do #htc #android <;–oops
RT @jonhoneyball: nonsense on oracle online shop – can't find where to d/l the thing i have just bought. Scream. <;-i have an avatar for that
RT @jonhoneyball: client is considering it instead of office 2010 <;-even after that experience?!
'ello all. Anyone out there got 2k3 srvr & xp boxes not liking silverlight & .NET patches refusing due to missing original temp srce dirs?
Ah, just realised with @Dr_Black & @bletchleypark at #mw2010 I'm going to wake up to a full twitter feed πŸ™‚
@Dr_Black iPads, what have i started…?
death by ppt now replaced by death by wma #uktechdays
[blog]: Not what I was taught in Biology O-Level #uktechdays
[blog]: Not what I was taught in Biology O-Level #uktechdays
no emp ms UK 963
RT @markwilsonit: ..move seats @ #uktechdays to \”join in event\” but I'm geek… I like solitude πŸ˜‰ <;-& people don't want to sit next to you
Would it add to say i find creating games for the XBox a bit juvenile? πŸ™‚ #uktechdays
I think we may soon see Indiana Jones and the Fatal Exception Error #uktechdays (after hours)
@Ninaberry you got your lens back though surely?
RT @markwilsonit: Have to say that the Fulham cinema theatre is sooooooo much better than Shepherd's Bush #uktechdays <;- devs 1-0 it pros
RT @markwilsonit: Quoting @pjbryant \”When I had Lego it was just wheels\” #uktechdays <;-no I stopped when they added wheels to the blocks!
@MSSpringboard #tags (see what i did there?!) use 'em for tweetups and such and Microsoft #uktechdays
@hairyhatfield oops u meant background, not avatar :-). the st george was in an encyclopedia when i was 7 or so, & i liked the raf roundels
@hairyhatfield ps, how did you come to view it? Like you i really like it, dramatic memory from learning lots when v young
Described hotel this week as WYSIWYG. Thinks… how old do you have to be to know&remember what that was & how big a deal?
@hairyhatfield that's odd… thinking on, yes at 2am when knotty prob fixed, i do feel like that! thank you for making me realise it!
RT @markwilsonit: @pjbryant Actually, it was death by WMV πŸ˜‰ #uktechdays #pedantry <;-problem was pedestrian not pedantic twittering
RT @brit_battleaxe: Bloomin'heck – Zeberdee says come to bed…… <;–better spring to it then
RT @murkee: Peter Hain arguing that people should vote Labour for electoral reform. They advocated that in 97. #ge10 #ge97AndStillNotDoneIt
[blog]: VAT on food
[blog]: To sleep, perchance to dream?
@hairyhatfield Someone @khouryt possibly, rt'd you <–cheers!
[blog]: Whilst I'm thinking of money matters
RT @markwilsonit: @westleyl @pjbryant suggested that charge VAT on processed food <-just blogged!

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