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#UKTechdays – Day 2

#uktechdays \”today is a day of Technology\”… oh i do hope so πŸ™‚
RT @brettrigby: Think the lady directing seats is using the wrong terminology for a bunch geeks: suggest trying 'defrag' #uktechdays
@jonoble restore option on sql \”leave closed for further log restores\” taken?
@jonoble if using backupexec 3 options: finish, leave ready for more log rstores and ??leave down??
BPM Maturity – now we're getting hardcore πŸ™‚ #uktechdays
RT @henrymacrory: Hmmmm. D Miliband (in Washington at taxpayers' expense) blogging about 'hitting the campaign trail for Labour' in America
@jonoble bet there's a default tick box in advanced options πŸ™‚
Office 2010 – Outlook Social Connector – IT can block unwanted Networks #uktechdays
RT @tarpara: \”People spend on average 400minutes in #Outlook, that's more than most people spend with their spouse!\” #uktechdays
Microsoft \”don't want customers to have to go & buy photo or video editing tools…\” #uktechdays (cynical to think \”…until we have 1\”?)
Can we please find another word to replace folksonomy. It's foul. #uktechdays
Microsoft claiming a lot of performance improvements in Office 2010, thus implying RTM code…
Office 2010 is \”next few days\” RTM #uktechdays
#uktechdays Shepherds Bush – Oi, who just tweaked the projector? Bring it back into focus, now!
RT @marypcbuk: but so is the concept πŸ˜‰ ontology For The Win RT another word to replace folksonomy. It's foul. <;-concept: aye, that's true
\”Insights\” replaces \”Business Intelligence\” in Sharepoint 2010. The linguist in me thinks that's a downgrade. #uktechdays
@sbisson crema catalanya for dinner. Highly rec. \”El Pintor\” . Los Caracoles for open kitchen exp
you can suck and see the new sharepoint 2010 interface (and go back!) #uktechdays
BPA built into SharePoint 2010 and you can inspect/chg/add rules used #uktechdays
Now that is good. Recover Sharepoint data from unattached SQL backup #uktechdays
[blog]: Not so yummy mummies
RT @pisseddev: #uktechdays [Penny Coventry's] runthrough of SP2010 is nicely arranged and paced – yesterday's presenters could learn a lot
Nice, duration of a Project 2010 can be \”speak to Bob\”, although remembering Microsoft Bob… #uktechdays
@jonoble how's restore going ?
RT @stack72: Word of the day c#ness #uktechdays <;-just outside Gloucester
@uktechdays #uktechdays erm, can someone *please* focus the projector in Shepherds Bush
RT @mbullock: @markwilsonit Ben is ex-MS 'old skool' so he's bound to be good πŸ˜‰ <;- a) he was, b) thought i recognised him!
If the improvement in #uktechdays is linear, Friday's going to be a stonker at the winphone7 devday
That picture yesterday of Brown in front of the field just made me think \”putting Brown out to grass\”. #GE2010
Why is it you never overhear an interesting conversation?
RT @bennuk: Google are clearly making a statement in this particular ReCaptcha – <;–Oh Yes – lovely!
@jonoble 😦 if you find out why…
RT @markwilsonit: OMG @pjbryant just made me blush (which is pretty tough)… <;-my work is done here
Don't forget boys and girls, other search engines are available #uktechdays
RT @DotNetWill: Bugs are just change requests with a high priority – love it #uktechdays
Approaching start of day in Seattle, still chance to announce Office 2010 RTM at #uktechdays
This is where you realise that the breaks between sessions at Tech*Ed (#TEE09 / #TEE10) are critical. Lets your mind reset. #uktechdays
@MSSpringboard #TEE10 (europe) -that'll be me.
[blog]: A really bad windows crash!
If you cannot surf after the 5th of May…
@chrishalebarnes RSOD remote debug hack demo'd at fringe mtg for #uktechdays, I *think* i could repro πŸ™‚
@Dr_Black @bletchleypark will you be tweeting updates on #mw2010 at all? Appreciate you're a bit new to all this twitter mullarky. πŸ˜‰

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