A quarter century regression

Today was a first in far too long.

Late last year I visited RAF Cosford with a friend to see the James May 1:1 Spitfire Airfix kit. Inspired we both found a couple of large boxes of Airfix kits that were irresistible and hid them in the boot of the car for a few days 🙂

Since then various work issues and family health issues have kept me very distracted and the boxes have lain idle.
But today, as a treat to myself I abandoned the computers for a bit and dug out my white spirit, modelling knife, brushes and some very old Humbrol paint tins.

Model number 1 today is a Meteor from late W.W.II and whilst Airfix now include paints, I was pleased to find that the old Humbrol tins were needed for the airman\’s hands, face, boots, helmet and lifejacket. What\’s more I reckon my ancient paints are in better shape than the fresh stuff!

Interestingly, since I last modelled my eyes have deteriorated to bifocal needs. This meant at times I could not focus properly, but on the other hand I\’m clearly more patient as I reckon this is one of my better paint jobs!

So, when bad light stopped play, there was the second upper surface camouflage paint to do, and a few bits on the wheels and engine exhausts. Once they\’re done it\’ll be cutting out, gluing and paint touch up and then my first model in years will be done.

It\’s been so many years, but it\’s like yesterday as well. Can\’t wait to finish this one and build up to the Battle Of Britain Memorial kit. Then I can go shopping again 🙂

Updated: And of course, yes, I\’ll post a photo once it\’s complete!

By P J Bryant

Ramblings of a freelance IT Consultant working for some nice SME's, large organisations, resellers and the usual friends and family! Bit of

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