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Would #Humax and #Microsoft please talk (yeah, right)

I have and use both a Humax 9200T and a Microsoft Media Centre computer to record TV for offline watching. After several years of this setup I now hardly ever watch TV ‘live’ and the boxes just record all I’m interested in and I just consume at will. But neither platform is perfect. So what’s the chance of Microsoft and Humax looking at each other’s products and improving. Yup, thought so, 0%. So…

Microsoft please:

  • Let me edit the programmes easily and cut down the file sizes
  • Can you make my hardware work in Windows 7 please
  • Let me multi-select a few programmes and delete them in one go
  • Develop a remote control that works from my WinMo phone
  • Develop a media extender that is NOT an XBOX.  I don\’t want a noisy console, I want a small, discrete, quiet unit that will stream the files over WiFi.

Humax please:

  • Give me a 14 day EPG
  • Have an unlimited series follow – 25 is so random (and low)
  • Have an unlimited number of recordings – 50 can be too few
  • When I chase play, and then stop, please remember where I was!
  • Can you give me network access to the recordings
  • Let me quickly (one button) delete the recording when I stop playing it

On balance I still don\’t know which one I prefer to use, guess I\’ll keep them both going for now!

By P J Bryant

Ramblings of a freelance IT Consultant working for some nice SME's, large organisations, resellers and the usual friends and family! Bit of

2 replies on “Would #Humax and #Microsoft please talk (yeah, right)”

Dear Corylus,The PVR-9200T is now heading in to it's fifth year (the PVR-9300T is just a hardware update of the 9200T) and it has been supported well to keep it as up-to-date as practical.However now the platform as reached the limits of it's capabilities. So, as of 2010 Humax is releasing two new products for Freeview HD and we hope that these should address many of your concerns.Our new product should have a limit on scheduled recordings which is not practical to reach. Resuming playback of recordings is something we have introduced in our other HD products such as the Foxsat-HDR. We are currently working on some very interesting network features and already we have support for some network discovery on the new HD-Fox T2 but we are aiming to improve that over the next year.On your other two points:The EPG data is broadcast by the broadcasters as 8 days and is not our responsibility. However with the addition of series linking we believe that in the vast majority of cases the 8 days is sufficient. But to help when you want to book other items further in the future we are working with the broadcasters on other innovations.One button delete might seem like a nice idea, however it is rather dangerous but we will consider your input in our usability.Thank you for your comment and kind regards,Bob HannentChief TechnologistHumax UK


Thanks Bob, speedy response! I have previously emailed in a number of bugs and suggestions.The playback issue is actually in chase play mode only, the delete in MCE is a pop up list at the ened, down arrow twice, and OK. Feels a lot quicker – i suppose on the remote it is – compared with Yellow, Red, OK.


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