Times when I feel old

A few days I was thinking at an event how I was beginning to feel slightly above the average age, and i commented on this to someone.  I justified this with these beauties from my past:

  1. As a child I can clearly remember (whilst living in a London suburb), the milkman delivering by horse and cart.  Further he lived in the next street with a stable instead of a garage, and it didn\’t seem odd!
  2. Our house was not centrally heated, we had coal fires in the 2 main living rooms, electric radiators (when we were ill) in the bedroom, and in the bathroom – a paraffin heater.  The fuel was purchased every now and then when the lorry came round, and kids and neighbours would queue up to fill the jerrycan.
  3. And i do swear i remember a Frenchman on a bike selling onions.  I do know i remember thinking \”it\’s a long way to go back and forth to get more onions\”.  never occured to my young self that there might be a lorry round the corner!

I got a rather surprised look!

I know i\’m not that old but a lot has changed in only a few decades.  I quite enjoy remembering such different times – how about these happy memories:

  • Black and White TV
  • only 2 channels on TV
  • Just the one phone in the house, and the GPO taking weeks or months to install it
  • the test of BST in the winter, and walking to school with free reflective armbands
  • the continent of Europe being so far away

what are yours?

By P J Bryant

Ramblings of a freelance IT Consultant working for some nice SME's, large organisations, resellers and the usual friends and family! Bit of

3 replies on “Times when I feel old”

What amazes me and reminds me of my progressing years:- changing the channel on the TV meant getting up off the sofa walking over to it and pushing a big knob that went 'clunk'.- in the car coming home from visiting my Nanna and Grandpa I used to layout flat on the back seat of our Austin Princess; no seat belts, airbags or power steering.- being transfixed by listening to the Top 40 on Radio1 and rushing out to buy the vinyl single or if you had the money the 12\” EP or LP.


I remember getting a TV with a remote control that was wired to the TV!And there was the summer job at a garage whilst I was at college and a customer brought in a car with a \”car phone\” – WOW!Learning to program on a Spectrum…Leaving the house after breakfast and not coming back till it was going dark, and no-one worried…The list could go on forever!


Very occasionally, we used to place a Trunk Call to my grandparents. We'd walk to the phone box. They had a party line so there was always a chance that someone else would answer. I don't feel old at all but my childhood seems a long way away.


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