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King Crimson 5.1 DTS remasters

Last I spent an enjoyable amount of time listening to the 40th anniversary remasters instead of working. I tweeted as I went through them, and thought the tweets would make a different \’review\’ of them so:

Wed Jan 06 11:48:24: King Crimson 40th remasters arrived yesterday, the 5.1 DTS version of Red is currently shaking the snow off the roof :-)))))
Wed Jan 06 11:56:25: RT @timbo_baggins: @pjbryant I KNEW you were a fecking hippy … -) <– LOL enough to overshadow Fripp on Red Nightmare :-)))))
Wed Jan 06 11:58:43: RT @HD41117: Ohhhh I\’d like to hear that! Fabulous. <- snow or 🙂
Wed Jan 06 12:15:55: King Crimson, Starless, 5.1 DTS surround, very loud. BLISS. so much detail. Fripp just in front of me, Bruford\’s cymbal on my right shoulder
Wed Jan 06 12:18:13: Starless, 5.1 DTS guitar solo starts, Fripp moves to my right shoulder, Batterie moves stage front. Bass just everywhere, crescendo 1 & all
Wed Jan 06 12:21:17: Starless 5.1 DTS fecking hell 2nd CRESCENDO goosebumps all over, guitars fighting across the room. GO AND BUY THIS NOWWWW
Wed Jan 06 12:24:11: Starless 5.1 DTS finale – all out war around the room, and then final note fades, it\’s a whole new album.

In The Court Of The Crimson King
Wed Jan 06 12:27:42: @sgjsolutions sorry steve, better look away now ITCOTCK now in DTS.
Wed Jan 06 12:30:39: @HD41117 no, it\’s 40th anniversary box set. full 5.1 DTS or MLP 5.1 lossless dvd and mlp lossless stereo on 1 disk 24 bit, 48-96KHz
Wed Jan 06 12:32:17: In The Court Of The Crimson King DTS 5.1 – 21st Century Schizoid Man Robert\’s an althetic chap, crash chords sequencing around the room.
Wed Jan 06 12:34:20: ITCOTCK DTS 5.1 – 21st Century Schizoid Man Greg Lake dead ahead having taken singing lessons from the Daleks!!!
Wed Jan 06 12:38:09: ITCOTCK DTS 5.1 – I Talk To The Wind everythings gone breathy & beautful noodling Fripp just ahead, then descending plucks on right shoulder
Wed Jan 06 12:42:22: ITCOTCK DTS 5.1 – Epitaph begins with beautiful warming all enveloping swell of sound.
Wed Jan 06 12:44:03: ITCOTCK DTS 5.1 – Epitaph Greg\’s singing gorgeously, and Spanish guitar over right shoulder. My God that swell crescendo is amazing.
Wed Jan 06 12:46:00: ITCOTCK DTS 5.1 – Epitaph Sax and Batterie section reveberates. Paco Pena (sp?) now back on right shoulder. Finish should be good.
Wed Jan 06 12:48:23: ITCOTCK DTS 5.1 – Epitaph. \”Finish should be good.\” It is. there\’s stuff in there I\’ve never noticed before – some piano.
Wed Jan 06 12:51:19: ITCOTCK DTS 5.1 – Moonchild. I\’m in the middle of the Batterie can \’see\’ every cymbal and bell and…
Wed Jan 06 13:01:27: ITCOTCK DTS 5.1 – Moonchild. Huge overfamiliarity with Young Person\’s version leads to whole new experience
Wed Jan 06 13:05:01: RT @timbo_baggins: @HD41117 can see Mr Bryant is having a productive day. My hifi _only_ has 2speakers & a sub <– yes, v productive!
Wed Jan 06 13:08:15: ITCOTCK DTS 5.1 – and so to ITCOTCK. wondeful detail, Paco Pena now front left, choral section just complete and sublime.
Wed Jan 06 13:13:06: ITCOTCK DTS 5.1 – ITCOTCK. \’fairground organ\’ intro to outro breathy & outro collapses into centre speaker. Brilliant. OK, Lizard or lunch?
Wed Jan 06 14:39:28: King Crimson update – I now have work to do :-(. Saving Lizard for tomorrow. Guess, looking back, a hashtag might have been a good idea!

Thu Jan 07 12:07:27: King Crimson 5.1 DTS Lizard. Here we go….
Thu Jan 07 12:10:47: Lizard 5.1 DTS Cirkus. ooh, that was gd opening vocal fades right shoulder 2 front centre. Echo voice bounces off rear. Cracking detail
Thu Jan 07 12:16:21: RT @timbo_baggins: RT @pjbryant: King Crimson 5.1 DTS Lizard. Here we go…. <—again 😉 <– LOL Tim, last one (for now)
Thu Jan 07 12:18:16: Lizard 5.1 DTS Indoor Games. All the jaunty Jazz is captured, odd instruments all around. It seems like i am inside the acoustic guitar!
Thu Jan 07 12:20:15: @hutchings More a King Crimson obsession 🙂
Thu Jan 07 12:24:18: Lizard 5.1 DTS Happy Family. There seems to be Cyberman singing on back right. Might not be, not suggested Delete or Upgrade yet 🙂
Thu Jan 07 12:27:55: Lizard 5.1 DTS Lady of the dancing water. This sounds a lot like Ant Phillips (ex Genesis) in design and execution, with Gabriel on flute.
Thu Jan 07 12:34:43: Lizard 5.1 DTS. By now I know why I don\’t know it this so well. Not that i \”don\’t like\” Lizard, more i don\’t \”love it\” so not played so much
Thu Jan 07 12:38:05: Lizard 5.1 DTS. Lizard. Cor Anglais a few mins in is almost a future echo of Starless. Is Fripp a Timelord?
Thu Jan 07 12:39:52: Lizard 5.1 DTS. Lizard. I cannot agree with the sleeve notes (can i call them that?) \”too big an LP for just stereo\”. Not sure 5.1 is enough
Thu Jan 07 12:41:21: Lizard 5.1 DTS. Lizard. OOPS – I cannot agree MORE with the sleeve notes (can i call them that?) \”too big an LP for just stereo\”.
Thu Jan 07 12:43:41: @HD41117 good point, checked back left is working, it is but the emphasis seems on the diagonal FL to BR. Maybe someone MOVED MY CHAIR!!
Thu Jan 07 12:46:54: @HD41117 nope, stood \’tween left speakers (at all 4 points of compass to eliminate ear bias) 4 \”right\” sax going on, & def right (ish)
Thu Jan 07 12:48:44: Lizard 5.1 DTS. Lizard. Interesting piano notes bouncing around and alternating left and right rear. No wonder this album split the fans.
Thu Jan 07 12:49:47: RT @timbo_baggins: You mean you don\’t have 7.1? I\’m shocked. 😉 <skipping that, waiting for 9.3 🙂
Thu Jan 07 12:55:51: King Crimson 5.1 DTS. and that\’s it. Steve Wilson\’s done an amazing job. Looking forward to the next few.
Thu Jan 07 12:57:37: King Crimson 5.1 DTS. In the meantime, Wager\’s Ring cycle anyone? <ducks and runs>

If this slight madness interests you then there might be more at Twitter<> one day

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