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And so it ends…

Tonight was (probably) my last ever King Crimson gig. I don\’t expect they will tour again, and the 4 nights in New York at the weekend are just not possible both from a time away from home perspective and the need to take my Dad to the rugby!

The evening started with a chat with Sid Smith again (Biography Person) included a filmed interview which I hope will be posted soon ( If you see me swearing gently mother, it was a quote from Friendy Person. !!
The show was a blast, but shorter than others. I found it strange finally having a gig where all I could see of Mr Fripp was the top of his head (as did the vast majority of the crowd)! Somehow his music was more present in the mix as a result.

Friendy person and I quickly moved the car post gig (we\’d left someone with a tight exit) and returned to the bar opposite the venue where a Boddington\’s was welcome. Floyd\’s Comfortably Numb on the jukebox, and then back to the car. The venue was by now lights out, closed and dead. Very sad.

A quick run to the subway to drop friendy person off with a quick farewell (his train was waiting), and back to the digs. Nursing the car back to try to avoid refuelling before returning to the airport tomorrow.

And so to bed.

By P J Bryant

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