You have found Corylus Business Systems (otherwise known as PJ Bryant).

About Corylus

If you know me you will already know that I do not really “market” my business as such, but instead rely on word of mouth and referrals/recommendation from my clients.  So this web site is quite small and to the point <g>, but if you have misplaced my contact details click here

PJ has been a regular speaker at the UK Access User Group conference for over a decade now, and has also presented twice in recent years at the European Access DevCon held in Vienna. Although the topics are principally based around Access and Microsoft SQL Server, he has also presented on the subject of PowerApps and getting meaningful application data into the mobile devices of the end user.

Corylus is based in East Anglia / East Midlands but covers the whole UK as necessary (and has even been known to cross the pond for work!).

So what does Corylus do for you?

Principally focussed on Business Processes and the data and systems to support them, the work can be summarised as:

data: Turning Data into Information

integration: Microsoft Access, SQL Server and Power Apps (and for the Access naysayers – take a look at Is Microsoft Access Any Good)

projects: Business Processes into Working Apps

and what’s special about Corylus?

  • A focus on delivering effective, pragmatic and innovative solutions for my clients.
  • A combination of a solid technical experience and skills, along with IT and Business Management experience.
  • Solid problem solving skills – even problems Microsoft Product Support couldn’t fix.
  • Experience of a wide range of industries.
  • What have others said of me in the past?

2014-2018 – First World War Remembrance

You may know that in recent years I’ve spent a lot of time training and riding for Help For Heroes.  During that time I’ve also discovered a lot more about relatives and others in the First World War.  My personal act of remembrance for the war has been to create First World War – On This Day – a daily blog post of the casualty list for that day, 100 years ago.

Corylus Logo

What does Corylus mean?

The business property name is “The Hazels” and the botanists amongst you may recognise that Corylus is the Latin name for the Hazel tree.  The logo above is a hazel catkin!